Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Google+ is not just a simple social networking site. Its home to vibrant, and an active community with deep engagement. Learning and finding out how to take advantage of these communities to have a long-lasting relationship 
with your audiences.

Below is the effective strategies that will keep you engage on Google+ to the next level.

1. Find-able Google+ Page.

Adding Google+ badge in your website makes your Google+page find-able. Adding a badge for your personal and Google+ business accounts will makes 
easy for your visitor to engage with you in one click.

2. Network Circles.

Create your own network of circles and manage different groups. It is an effective way to build new relationships that will keep you connected 
with other people.

3. Add Compelling Content.

There are two kinds of compelling content. The first one is visual content like images, videos and infographics stimulates engagement and promote shareability while the resource content solicits a huge volume of comments. Adding hashtags on Google+ can help you to find related posts, conversation and trending topics. 

4. Be Proactive.

Always start conversation. Posting and sharing content is not sufficient, try to boost engagement to trending topics. Commenting and asking some questions will do. Track your interactions with others. Ideally, you can start with 2-3 comments or questions per day aside from you posting and sharing.

5. Join Groups.

To keep connect to other Google+ users, especially those with the same interest or business with you. Paticipate with communities and hangouts will build a strong presence for you. Identify the community or hangouts and hangouts on air (HOA) you like to join and make a priority to participate there regulary.

These simple strategies that we sometime forgot to do are very useful to build long-lasting relationship with your readers. 

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