Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Acer Philippines continues to provide its channel partners with enough selling skills through continuous training provided by the tech giant’s Channel Partners Enablement Program (CPEP). The program was designed to equip Acer’s commercial sales partners with the latest updates on Acer products and solutions together with Microsoft Philippines. CPEP also lets channel partners be further trained to develop not just their selling skills but also their personality
through a soft-skill trainer. 

Later, the attendees were given a certification examination and qualified channel partners received sales certificates from Acer Philippines, Inc. Company officials such as Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines Managing Director welcomed the participants, while Microsoft Philippines Windows Marketing Client Specialist Eufer Pasion, provided Microsoft Windows 10 Pro updates. 

Jeffrey Mariano, Acer Philippines Product Lead for Mobility presented product updates on Mobility, Alex Araneta conducted the soft-skills training while Laura Lu, Business Development Manager from Acer headquarters lectured on Smart City Solutions.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

It’s official: OPPO’s camera phone with a 16- megapixel front camera has been finally launched in the Philippines. The F1 Plus, the second device after the F1 in the camera-centric F series, is being touted as the “bigger, better Selfie Expert.”

The global tech giant’s new device retails for P21,990 and is available for pre-order nationwide from April 16 to April 29. Down payment is just P1,000, and you get a free OPPO selfie stick along with the unit as soon as you pick it up starting April 30.

Great selfies whenever, wherever

The F1 Plus has a 16-megapixel front-facing Hi-Light Camera that captures clear, vivid photos in any lighting condition.Four times more sensitive than standard cameras, the F1 Plus’ Hi-light Camera excels in low-light, back-lit, and night-time photography. The camera also offers twice the dynamic range of cameras without the Hi-Light technology, and captures photos with four times 
less noise.

“Selfies will always turn out bright and clear no matter the time of the day because of the F1 Plus’ unique sensor technology and wide f/2.0 aperture lens,” said Marton Barcza, OPPO’s product expert. “The F1 Plus also has the highest front camera resolution on the market.”

The phone comes with the new Selfie Panorama and Beautify 4.0 features, and the front-facing Screen Flash. Its custom-built sensor arranges pixels in a unique pattern to create clear and bright photos that are strikingly rich in color.

Sarah Geronimo, OPPO Philippines’ brand ambassador, said all these camera features allow users to “get the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime.” OPPO has likewise upgraded its built-in selfie beautification app with Beautify 4.0. After six months of testing and 150 revisions, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to enhance one’s look in a snap.

By highlighting the user’s best facial features and minimizing flaws, Beautify 4.0 produces natural-looking photos. “You’ll never have to take bad selfies again thanks to Beautify 4.0, which serves like your own styling team,” Geronimo said.

With the Selfie Panorama feature, you can take extra-wide 120-degree shots, as the F1 Plus seamlessly combines three photos to ensure that everyone in the group is in the photo.

“I’m sure everyone will look good in every ‘groupie’ because of the F1 Plus’ easy-to-use Selfie Panorama,” Geronimo said.

Light, thin and comfortable

The smartphone has an elegant frame that’s fit for style-minded users. The F1 Plus has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 4th Generation Gorilla Glass. But with ultra-thin 1.66-mm bezels, the F1 Plus looks like a smaller 5.2-inch phone.

 “It doesn’t only take great selfies and groupies, it’s a fashion statement, too,” pointed out Geronimo.

“When we designed the F1 Plus, we wanted to create a light, thin, and comfortable device, so our O-Fans can effortlessly carry the smartphone and take photos anywhere they want,” Barcza said. “The frame went through 68 polishing processes before we finally attained what we believe is the perfect grip for a smartphone.”

“With its non-slippery metal surface, users won’t worry about this phone slipping from their hands,” he added.

Fast, convenient, secure

Who says the F1 Plus is only good for taking selfies? With a 4GB RAM and an 8-core processor, this smartphone promises users a faster and smoother experience while gaming, browsing the Internet, or using resource-heavy apps.

The smartphone is fit for people on the go, with a VOOC Flash Charge feature that requires only 30 minutes of charging for its battery to reach 75 percent capacity. The battery also can last up to 14 hours and 5 minutes of constant use.

“‘Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours’ became an iconic slogan for OPPO in China last year. It convinced more than 18 million users so far to say goodbye to dead batteries,” Barcza said. “The F1 Plus is set to bring the convenience and safety of VOOC to even more users around the world.”

The new phone is the first to feature the all-new ColorOS 3.0. This software offers a tidy and refreshing new look, along with increased efficiency and speed.

Overall system speed is now 25 percent faster when compared to ColorOS 2.1, with home screen loading speed increased by 35 percent, and app installation speed boosted by 41 percent.

You can likewise save time with the F1 Plus’ Touch Access technology, which makes unlocking the phone faster and easier. It is OPPO’s first phone to use front-facing fingerprint recognition.

The phone’s advanced ceramic material recognizes its owner’s fingerprint and unlocks the phone in just 0.2 seconds, one of the fastest in the industry. 

“The F1 Plus not only captures moments in greater color resolution and detail than ever before, it also brings a smooth and enjoyable user experience,” said Barcza.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Acer Inc. President and CEO are pointing at the idea of Acer undergoing some transformation, how it began as a PC company and now offers from 1 inch to 100-inch products, not just software, and services but practically everything centered on innovation. 

It’s all about making people feel great through excitement and innovation, starting by creating ideas then creating the excitement to keep the continuous growth of the industry.

Check out the video of Acer's CEO Jason Chen below;

Thursday, April 7, 2016

TAGUIG CITY, PHILIPPINES— It is always great to look forward to weekends or long vacations to be able watch your favorite movie, TV series, musical spectacles or must-love sporting events. But great as it may be, wouldn’t you want to change your viewing habits a little bit by watching

your favorite content on a much bigger screen? No, it’s not about investing on a bigger TV; it’s about choosing a meaningful option for you to “up the ante” in your home entertainment and give it a more cinematic experience.

Then the best choice should be the Acer K138ST short-throw projector, a name you can rely on when it comes to spearheading a silver-screen revolution and change your movie night habits right at the comforts of your own home.

When upgrading your home entertainment system in your living room, it should not be seen as a luxury anymore because the Acer K138ST short-throw projector can definitely make home entertainment even more inviting—and more appealing to your family, relatives, or best buds during movie night on a lazy weekend.

Catch all the cinematic details in both visuals and audio through the Acer K138ST short-throw projector’s features that are at par with home theater requirements. In terms of visual clarity, the Acer K138ST is a Digital Light Processing or DLP projector and its biggest advantages against LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors is that contrast is more pronounced in DLPs, plus the fact that the Acer K138ST has LumiSense+ that dynamically optimizes images for those ultra-realistic visuals, thanks to the enhanced dark-detail visibility and color saturation features.

Also, DLP projectors are more compact, easier to carry around for greater mobility and great to use in small spaces (living room, office meeting room, etc.) since it’s so flexible to install. And because the Acer K138ST is a short-throw projector, all you need is a 1.7m distance to be able to project a 100-inch screen. Definitely, this feature makes you enjoy viewing any type of content on a much bigger screen landscape. All you’d need is a bowl of popcorn, chips and soda and you’re ready to go.

Consider these other features of the Acer K138ST short-throw projector like the 800-lumens projection power, WXGA or Wide XGA graphics display resolution, an unbelievable 30,000 hour LED lamp life, ColorBoost 3D and Color Safe II, both advanced technologies for more authentic and realistic images and unmatched color fidelity. Even after thousands of hours of usage, you can rely on the Acer K138ST to provide unfailing natural colors and bring unparalleled viewing pleasure to you and your viewing companions.

So you don’t have to buy larger and more expensive TVs just to create a silver screen revolution right at your home. Just think smart and be practical. Choose the Acer K138ST as your smart and practical solution to your desired cinematic, large-screen quality viewing with your family and friends any time of the year.

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Press Release
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