Thursday, May 30, 2013

From 2006 up to this date, Twitter evolves from SMS-based status updates and become one of the most popular social media networks. It has more than 200 million active users. 

The question is, Have you use Twitter to the fullest and get most out of your Twitter experience through the years? Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to level up your Twitter usage.

View Twitter Activity Feed

Look how people that you follow interact on Twitter by checking the activity feed aside from their Tweets.

Go to Discover then click Activity to see the feed by those you are following, favorites, follows and more. It's like the Facebook news feed.

Favorite Related Tweets

Most of Twitter users of course love to have more followers. Searching for related keywords that is relevant to you will help you find a new following that may follow you back.

View Verified Users' Replies

To check the verified users replies and mentions. Go to their profile and click "ALL" to view all of their interactions.

Add and Subscribe to Lists

Create a list for easy way to keep track the tweets specially when you are following huge number of friends. Categorizing the users that you follow is the best way to do it. Go to users profile and click the Lists then subscribe.

For Tweetdeck, you can create a list in a separate column. And for seeing someone's tweet without following them, all you have to do is to add them in your list but keep in mind that they can see the list where they have been added unless you mark them as Private.

Use the User Widgets

The widget will display your website tweets and you can even customized it. Also, you can even create widgets of other user's, its like a company stream in your website. All you have to do is to embed the profile of a specific user.

Create Themes With Themeleon

Themeleon is now integrated with Twitter profile design settings. You can change your default background using the Themeleon designs. 

Use Advanced Search

Try using the Twitter's Advance search. You can now search for the exact phrases, tweets with location, and many more that you are trying to looking for. 

Try this advanced search operators, such as "near:MNL within:45mi" or "since:2011-10-23."

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are more than 20 Keyboard shortcuts like;

"G H" - returning to home screen
"R"   - reply
"G U" - go to specific user

To learn more about this shortcuts, go to the gear icon then click keyboard shortcuts.

Change/Update Trends

To stay updated on what people are talking around the net. You can change the settings of which country or cities, worldwide and even trends that interests and you follow. All you have to do is to click the change in the trends box on the bottom-left of the screen.

Finding Friends via Email Contacts

You can combine your Twitter and your email contacts to add more friends and business contacts. Click the Discover then find friends and search for your address book in your email provider.

Multiple Accounts for Twitter Mobile

You can tweet using multiple accounts in mobile. You can now toggle two accounts by adding another user account in your Twitter mobile.

Download Twitter Archive

Use the option to download your tweets archive, from your first tweet up to the last though an offline HTML file. Please take note that once you request your archives, it will not be available for download instantly but Twitter will notify you once it is available.

Above are very useful and easy to learn. So use Twitter to the fullest, you'll never know if you will be one of the Twitter pro.

If you have some power moves using Twitter, why not share your Twitter tricks with us by commenting on this post.

Monday, May 27, 2013

What? Another Penguin update? Come on... maybe that's what you will say about the next update of Penguin. First, when it was launch last year this Penguin focuses on the low quality and spammy backlinks in websites.

Now that Penguin 2.0 will arrive in next few weeks. You can now get started to clean up your backlinks.

Follow this basic rule in avoinding backlink with;

- website exclusively for the purpose of SEO

- Over optimized using anchor text links.

- Links coming from bad neighborhood websites.

- Links from irrelevant wensites.

Now, here are the Penguin Forecast:

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What you can do is to clean up your backlinks and check suspecious links that is pointing to your website. It may take you some time but you may recover and keep safe your websites for sure.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced recently that it is extending its social business platform with the industry’s first fully integrated social email solution.  The move aims to simplify and accelerate social business adoption in the marketplace, providing employees with a single access point to all of their collaboration tools—social media, email, group activities, blogs and more.  

For more than 20 years IBM has been delivering leading products that connect people to people and people to information. Available through a wide choice of deployment options including on premises, in the IBM SmartCloud, hybrid or on popular mobile devices, IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition 9 now gives front line business employees across marketing, development, human resource and more a single access point for all of their social collaboration tools. As a result they are able to improve workforce productivity and speed innovation.  

According to an IBM study, 82 percent of chief marketing officers (CMO) plan to increase their use of social media over the next three to five years. IBM's 2012 CEO Study identified the same trend—while today only 16 percent of CEOs are using social business platforms to connect with customers, that number is poised to spike to 57 percent within the next three to five years.

As social adoption grows, organizations must use these technologies to transform their culture and drive innovation globally. Email is a critical component of this evolution. According to Osterman Research, each day 116 billion emails are sent and received by an estimated 800 million workers. When compared to Facebook and Twitter, which have reported 2.5 billion items shared1 and 400 million tweets a day2v respectively, it is clear that email remains the dominant communication application in the workplace. However, in this social business age, email can no longer exist on an island. 

Named the Enterprise Social Software leader by IDC for three consecutive years, IBM today extends its social business leadership by bringing messaging into the social experience, turning email from a client application used only for mail to a core component of a platform that drives knowledge sharing, workforce productivity and overall business value. 

For example, through a single interface an employee who is working on a new marketing project can check email as well as activity streams containing the latest work from each team member, share files with colleagues, view new blogs on topics relevant to the subject and more. In addition, since the service includes the industry’s broadest device platform support, each team member has access to the same content all through their mobile device of choice, whether it’s an iPhone, Android device, Windows Phone or the new BlackBerry 10. 

As for those companies using Microsoft Outlook, IBM also provides a new social connector for Outlook and integration with Microsoft Exchange. Through this connector IBM is able to bring the capabilities of shared files, communities and other key social capabilities directly into the Outlook client to ensure social email can be a reality for virtually any business.

"Today, more than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 have licensed IBM’s social software.  IBM can help transform organizations into social businesses that allow for better client understanding and engagements, said Aileen Rodriguez, Country Manager of Software Group, IBM Philippines.  "There is a huge potential for social business boom in the Philippines, which is already considered as the social media capital of the world."

IBM Notes and Domino are available on premises as well as through IBM SmartCloud where customers such as Brunswick Corporation are using it to provide their 8,000 users with cloud-based feature-rich email. 

IBM social business platform features a complete set of capabilities including enterprise-grade social networking, social analytics, and social content management in a seamless, unified experience across a myriad of business applications. For more information about IBM's social business initiative and creating a smarter workforce, please visit or follow #Socbiz on Twitter.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

A few week from now another Penguin update is coming!

Penguin is launched last April 24, 2012 that affects search results, black hat practitioner and some legitimate websites.

It was already confirmed that the next update will come in the next couple of weeks that makes many webmasters and SEOs into panic mode once again. It was said that the next updates will going to be more harder. So, how do you prepare for this Penguin 2.0 and how SEO can help you to survive on this update?

Worry no more! because below are the Step by step of things that you can do in able to be unaffected. Take this anti-Penguin action now!

But of course you have analyze all your backlinks first, identify any spammy links and get rid of them. Any suspicious links pointing to your websites should be removed.

Step 1. Have your own list of backlinks and create your complete list.

Step 2. Remove all backlinks that are no longer needed or exist that are being indexed. Check it according to Google.

Step 3. Spot and mark those links that you think Google can consider as spammy and has low-quality.

Step 4. Check those links who has a suspicious anchor link text. Penguin can detect how diverse and organic your links using anchor text.

Step 5. Eliminate keyword stuffing and duplicate contents in your website.

There you have it... so relax, keep calm and don't panic.

Even you get mad about this Penguin today, it will still happen and Google will always find ways and have control on web. Before it was Florida followed by Jagger in 2005 and most recent is Penguin. What do you think will come next?

Anyway, just keep your website to be in the quality standards of Google and for sure you are free from any updates that ahs been coming.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have you heard about this Google Tag Assistant? Oh well, it helps you to verify that you have installed various Google tags correctly in your website pages. It is a Google Chrome extension.

When you navigate your website's page, it will tell you the present tags, report errors and even suggest improvements for implementation.

Google Tag Assistant 0.9.7 is checked by Google Analytics, Adwords tracking, Google Tag Manager and more. It was updated lat May 2, 2013.

If you like to install on Chrome today visit, and by installing it, you are agree with the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need to have high website ranking and don't know how to start, why not try this simple but most effective work flow in optimizing a website. 

Most SEO's are doing the following steps;

Keyword Analysis

Finding the right keywords and key phrases for you website can make your website promotion campaign more easy. Keep in mind that it should describe the business, product or services. It has searches and low in 

Use keyword tool or keyword tracker that will help you decide which relevant keywords are fit for your website.

Content Optimization

Before getting into off-site optimization, a website should be presentable and search engine friendly. Using the keywords wisely in every element of the website's page is what we call on-page optimization. They should be topically related (the keyword and the page).

Creating website structure

Cleaning up the coding and start organizing the website's structure to get the maximum effect. Making sure that the website is working properly before start promoting. Checking the websites performance that 
includes broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content, 404 and other server response errors, pages who are not index, missing or too long metadata and all other site issues that can interfere the rankings.

Creating list of possible backlink sites

In here the off-page optimization starts. The website needs a lots of backlinks. It should be thematically related source, well established and trusted site by the search engines, and allows using keywords by making a anchor text.

The quickest and reliable way to find good links is to check the competitors' link source.

Creating a network of quality links

Having incoming links pointing to the website. Sometimes exchanging links is useful. Creating a link partner by requesting and explaining to other website's owner why you need to have and how their website would benefit.

Monitor you ranking over time 

Checking the website position in search engines regularly is the easiest way to know if you SEO efforts are bringing good results. Manually checking as well as automated checking can give an idea if you have progress over time.

Doing SEO is a non-stop process and search engine algorithm changes every time. A particular website can't get an instant ranks overnight. It takes time to get a good ranking and traffic.  Now that you have a better idea of what effective SEO work flows need to be done in able to get quality ranking and online reputation.

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