Thursday, May 30, 2013

From 2006 up to this date, Twitter evolves from SMS-based status updates and become one of the most popular social media networks. It has more than 200 million active users. 

The question is, Have you use Twitter to the fullest and get most out of your Twitter experience through the years? Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to level up your Twitter usage.

View Twitter Activity Feed

Look how people that you follow interact on Twitter by checking the activity feed aside from their Tweets.

Go to Discover then click Activity to see the feed by those you are following, favorites, follows and more. It's like the Facebook news feed.

Favorite Related Tweets

Most of Twitter users of course love to have more followers. Searching for related keywords that is relevant to you will help you find a new following that may follow you back.

View Verified Users' Replies

To check the verified users replies and mentions. Go to their profile and click "ALL" to view all of their interactions.

Add and Subscribe to Lists

Create a list for easy way to keep track the tweets specially when you are following huge number of friends. Categorizing the users that you follow is the best way to do it. Go to users profile and click the Lists then subscribe.

For Tweetdeck, you can create a list in a separate column. And for seeing someone's tweet without following them, all you have to do is to add them in your list but keep in mind that they can see the list where they have been added unless you mark them as Private.

Use the User Widgets

The widget will display your website tweets and you can even customized it. Also, you can even create widgets of other user's, its like a company stream in your website. All you have to do is to embed the profile of a specific user.

Create Themes With Themeleon

Themeleon is now integrated with Twitter profile design settings. You can change your default background using the Themeleon designs. 

Use Advanced Search

Try using the Twitter's Advance search. You can now search for the exact phrases, tweets with location, and many more that you are trying to looking for. 

Try this advanced search operators, such as "near:MNL within:45mi" or "since:2011-10-23."

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are more than 20 Keyboard shortcuts like;

"G H" - returning to home screen
"R"   - reply
"G U" - go to specific user

To learn more about this shortcuts, go to the gear icon then click keyboard shortcuts.

Change/Update Trends

To stay updated on what people are talking around the net. You can change the settings of which country or cities, worldwide and even trends that interests and you follow. All you have to do is to click the change in the trends box on the bottom-left of the screen.

Finding Friends via Email Contacts

You can combine your Twitter and your email contacts to add more friends and business contacts. Click the Discover then find friends and search for your address book in your email provider.

Multiple Accounts for Twitter Mobile

You can tweet using multiple accounts in mobile. You can now toggle two accounts by adding another user account in your Twitter mobile.

Download Twitter Archive

Use the option to download your tweets archive, from your first tweet up to the last though an offline HTML file. Please take note that once you request your archives, it will not be available for download instantly but Twitter will notify you once it is available.

Above are very useful and easy to learn. So use Twitter to the fullest, you'll never know if you will be one of the Twitter pro.

If you have some power moves using Twitter, why not share your Twitter tricks with us by commenting on this post.


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