Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was invited to visit one of the promising schools in the Philippines together with other fellow blogger friends where we had the chance to meet the key people behind it. We are welcomed by Ms. Raquel Perez who gave us the introduction about their school, iACADEMY.

It was followed by a breakout sessions with the Deans of different academic divisions. We met Chair Ryan Abeledo for MMA and Dean Dane Romely for Animation. It was very amusing to know how they teach their students.  They use the modern, very practical and hands-on in teaching that making their student learned not just the basics but the ins and outs of the industry to shape their future in their chosen fields.  Not to mention the state of the art facilities and the environment that they have to keep their students creativity immersed.

We also had the courtesy visit to iACADEMY’s President, Ms. Vanessa Tanco, who is very hospitable and down to earth. Actually, I love her Lego collections and heard that she was the one who assemble it. Amazing right!

Lastly, we had the campus tour. We use the stairs to fully visualize the whole campus building as set to be creative because every floor there is a mural with different themes that describes the schools and the students of iACADEMY.  Did I mention before their state of the art facilities? Yes, they have it because they used one is to one ratio with their computers and it was so impressive because they have Mac computers for their laboratories. The libraries and their amphitheater are very nice as well. They also encourage students to visit the faculty as well as the president’s office if there are some concerns that make their environment to be more like homey compare to other schools.

iACADEMY offers four year courses that caters to the needs of the industry. It was designed and maintained by experienced academicians and professional practitioners with very impressive portfolio that give hands-on teaching for their students.

They offer Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Game Development and Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Web Development for the School of Computing.  They also have Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for Financial Management and Marketing and Advertising for the School of Business while their offer Bachelor of Science in Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design and the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Technology for School of Design.

Their academic programs are aimed to honing the theoretical skills and practical talents of students so that they can succeed in their chosen professions. As they develop holistic graduates who stands out in the field that they choose and prepared to compete in the global market, iACADEMY partners to prestigious companies in different industries and businesses that helps their student with their internship programs as they prepare their students for the challenges in workplace both here and abroad. Placing their students within the reach of industry professionals and partners, who can teach, train, and eventually hire them.

iACADEMY is strategically located at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. For inquiries, you may call (02) 889-7777 or email them at You can also visit their website at and like them on Facebook at

By the way, iACADEMY College Admission Test (iCAT) is every Monday to Saturday from 9am-10:30am and 1pm-2:30pm.
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