Saturday, August 31, 2013

Facebook is now allowing up to 50 users to contribute in one album. This is another great feature that Facebook has recently offered. Every user can add up to 200 photos that can contain as many as 10,000 images in one album. Before users only have 1000 photos that they can add to their own album. 

Bob Baldwin, Facebook Software Engineer says,  “Right now, if you were at a party and there were three different albums created, you might not be able to see all the photos [based on privacy settings], which is kind of confusing and frustrating.”

This new feature can also be use in boosting  engagement in Facebook Groups while preserving memories of group events.

Although this new feature of Facebook is very alike to Google+'s party mode. The privacy settings are of course one of the concerned. That is why you can opt to make these shared albums visible to the public, contributors only, or even with friends of contributors. 

It's already started with few numbers of users, and it will be expanded to all English users before they roll it out internationally. 

What do you think about this shared photo album of Facebook? Hit us a comment below! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All throughout this month of August, Yahoo released a variation of its brand new logo, as par of their 30 Days of Change. However, the final and official new logo will get live on September 4, 2013 at 9pm PT/ September 5, 2013 midnight ET.  

In the post of Kathy Savitt, Yahoo's Chief Maketing Officer in Tumblr, she gave the reason of this campaign, and I quote; 

 “We want everything we do to reflect this spirit of innovation. While the company is rapidly evolving, our logo — the essence of our brand — should too.”

This is the preview of things to come... 

In addition to the brand-new logo, Yahoo! has also released their updated website in their portal that utilized stock background while the weather website used a Flicker photo of your area after you have inputted your location. These newly designed website portals are the following; 

- Yahoo! Sports
- Yahoo! Movies
- Yahoo! Music
- Yahoo! TV
- Yahoo! OMG
- Yahoo! Games
- Yahoo! Weather

Note: You can click the above portal to see the live updated website of Yahoo!

Furthermore, you will notice that each website has new features, which focus on better navigation and information that users are most interested within the forefronts.  It has an aspect of personalization by location base and with your Yahoo profile. 

For sure that many of Yahoo! users will appreciate the shift because it's simpler, updated navigation and has personalized information.

Oh, by the way, they also post each day's new logo. You can check out their twitter, @Yahoo with #dailylogo, check out their Facebook page at and visit for more information. 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

World Wide Web has a huge place of information that you can consult every time you need something either for personal or professional purposes. Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing are big storage of file from different websites and blogs that you can read. It's like a library that you can go for research. 

Along the way, we happen to see good sites that we could admire and care to bring back from time to time and even sign up for their news letter just to have updates on what is going on with that particular website.  

Below are my top 10 list of my favorite websites who influence me;

10.  iWander. iExperience. iKwento.,

If you're trying to visit some place and don't know where to go or what to do. Oh well, this blog will give you things you need to know. Plus, it gives a great story for every picture it has. 

9. If You Look Closely, Stu Traveled,

As a Filipino, we should never be a stranger to our own country. This blog suggested places that we could try to visit around the Philippines. 

8. Online Jobs Lifestyle

One thing I like about this blog is that it has an advocacy of giving information and awareness to people about online jobs industry.

7. 100 Spa and Massage,

Who don't like to relax? Nowadays, we have to admit that we experience a certain point of our life that we are feeling so stress. This blog is a great venue to learn and to know how to achieve a stress-free life.

6. A Non Techie Mom Blog

Whenever I like to know the latest technology information and newest product launching of gadgets in town, this blog gives me a fantastic information that I am looking for. It helps me to keep updated from time to time.

5. Pushing Forward by Rodel Flordeliz,

This blog is about the Pushing Forward of the daily learning in life of 
Rodel Flordeliz. This blog gives inspiration to push ahead by doing something in our lives. One good thing about this blog is the photo's in it.

4. Sarap Pinoy,

I love Filipino foods, and this blog reminds me of my grand mother who used to cook delectable dishes that we always shared on a Sunday lunch. Sarap Pinoy shared terrific food delicacies of Filipinos. 

3.  Travel Blog PH

This blog is a photo blog that features scenic places in the Philippines. One thing that amaze me with this blog is that all photos on the blog is just taken from a smartphone! 

2. Social Media PH,

This blog talks about social media news, and if you want to find out things more about the Internet, this blog will help you. 

1. Online Geek Chick

This is the newest blog that I have. It's about the online enthusiast girl who will help you find, seek and investigate the latest and hottest online technology scoop and it's definitely my most visited site of all.

Those ten blog sites that listed are all my personal choice, and I think touches me as a human. Whenever I have nothing to do, I do blog hopping and those 10 blogs are my top priority to visit. 

They are cool blogs and I really enjoy reading their updates. You too can join this writing project. To know more about it, join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 Writing Project

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Most of the people are hooked in Social Media today, and we know that if you wanna find someone like your old friends and classmates. The very first thing that you will consults are those social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. While others are into social media to earn money. 

But did you know how you can boost your social media presence? I will tell you few hands-on tips to boost your engagement in Social Media. 

- To spark discussion, always end your post with a question.

- Respond to users’ comments or questions, and ask follow-up questions to continue to drive the discussion.

- Develop and create campaigns that are easy for users to participate. Utilize a unique hashtag dedicated to a campaign and be consistent (e.g., #EverydayFunDay, for which everyday you pose a question/idea to your customers or blog readers). 

- Use + mentions whenever possible to engage people and invite them to join the conversation.

- Create high-quality, relevant content that is useful to your audience.

- Quotes, beautified/interesting photos and pithy, humorous content are also categories that are very popular on Google+.

What do you think about this post? Drop me a 

comment or if you know other things that may help to boost social media engagement.
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