Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest are all using hashtags to emphasize a particular topic. On the other hand Facebook is now allowing users to add context to a post.

Greg Lindley, has stated that they will bring the public conversation on Facebook to the forefront, They will show out a series of features that come up some interesting topics that people are talking about in public events, people and more.

Facebook introduces the hashtags which is clickable. IT allows you to add circumstances to a particular post or indication that it was part of larger discussion. You will see the feed of what other people and Facebook pages are talking about the event or topic.

Top Features:

- Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar.

- Click on hashtags that comes from other social networking services like Twitter.

- Compose posts directly from the hashtags feed and search results.

Audience control for your post with hashtags is still applicable. It was just a first step to help people to discover what others are saying about a topic. Watch out for more Facebook features in the next few weeks and months like trending hashtags and insights, and to discover more of about what the world is conversing.

Learn more about this at Facebook Hashtags Help Center.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

After we face Panda and Penguin updates although its still in the fore front. There are something this year that will across to SEO World because there will be more Google Updates to come.

It was said that there will be a new Google Algorithm to come out. The born of Google Zebra is coming its way. During the SXSW in Austin, Texas, and as Search Engine Journal quoted,

“We have a potential launch later this year, maybe a little bit sooner, looking at the quality of  merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results.”
- Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam Team

Its a Merchant Quality Update or should we say "Zebra Update". So far Google didn't say how they will detect the bad merchants but at least we have an idea on who they will target. To help you figuring out this as a merchant and to avoid the Zebra Penalty, here are the list of how to recognize a true merchants;

- A shopping cart link who stays on the same site.
- A shopping cart that updates when you add items.
- The Website has a return policy and has physical address.
- A working shipping charge calculator.
- A wish list link or a link where you can postpone the purchase of an item.
- A way to track FedEx orders.
- A Forum that works.
- You can register or log in.
- Gift Registry that works.

However, Google says that a merchant doesn't necessarily need to have all those criteria to comply, It's a good idea to have an inventory of the list above and making sure that you follow the quality guidelines.

Google's Trusted Stores Program for their Merchant affiliates must meet a certain criteria like to have at least 500 transactions per month with 90% deliveries on time and provides an excellent quality of customer service.

Also, Merchant location is very important. Online shopping become popular as more and more customers are comfortable having transaction in an online store with physical location. Having a physical location could be a plus points for Google.

Zebra Update is generally for Merchant Websites like e-commerce and other shopping online sites. If you have merchant website, try to start cleaning up and follow the simple list. That way, you will be ready when Google Zebra rolls out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In today's generation in digital age people are into social networking. Social interaction is really a phenomenal, it involves different people in all ages. For we all wanted to expand our networks with our 
online friend enriching their lives by means of contacts that they made on social networking sites.

Social networking websites gives you the chance to keep in touch with your old friends, current friends and family. While creating online friendship with other people that share similar interests with you. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are only few to be the best social media websites.  But did your favorite social networking site are safe? or Did you know the criteria that you should use in evaluating the best social 
networking site?

Below are the some of the criteria that you should pay attention when choosing to join in social networking sites;

Social Networking Features

A one of a good sign of social networking site is simply allowing people to post a profile and can update profile images. It should have instant messaging, photo. video and playlist sharing and tagging, and of course, 
notifications. It should also allows you to create and join a group that are based in your interests.

Personal Profiles

Personal profile is the heart and soul of social networking sites. You should have your own online sanctuary where you can express your thoughts and emotions, post pictures and interact with your network friends. 

Search Features

One of the objective of the social networking is to search for friends and expand your networks online. It should allows members to search people or other members in a safe and easiest way. 

Security Features

As we all know that internet could be a dangerous place to broadcast your personal information. All social networking sites should provide privacy customization and has ability to set profiles whether for public or 
private. It also allows user to report in appropriate behavior, content and block specific member.

It is important that you know those social networking features before you decide where you create an account. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There are lots of articles on the web who suggested things to do if you like to rank well in the search engines like Google. Doing the proffer on-page optimization is one way of to rank. Below are the top 10 factors to be consider when doing the on-page optimization.

1. Meta Content

Provide, timeless, hottest and intriguing title and descriptions in your content.

2. URL Optimization

Create a more descriptive, precise and easily understandable url's to easily read by the visitors and it helps search engine identify what your page is all about. Don't use URL with a lot of special characters and numbers.

3. Duplicate Content

Make sure that you don't have a duplicate content. Re-write, Re-phrase wording in every page. Panda doesn't like duplicate content.

4. Pages Content

Update your pages and add unique content on it. Make a long content, so that you can add more keywords related in your content. 

5. Rich Snippets

Implement rich snippets in your article. Add reviews (1-5 stars), picture of the author or the product, video thumbnails and music.

6. Comment Box

Apply comment section in your post. Encourage your readers to leave comments, weather they like 
the article or not. Sometimes a provocative content can help to start conversation or you can even 
start it by commenting first.

7. Website Performance

Plugins, optimized CSS and Compress images can help your sites to improve. Reducing load on  server will help your site to load fast. It can also help you increase conversions and visitors traffic.

8. .XML Sitemaps

Creating .xml sitemaps helps search engine to crawl your website. Submit sitemaps in Google Webmaster Tool or simply add plugins that will automatically generate it. You can even include images and video in your sitemaps.

9. Products and/or Categories 

Use your Homepage for your Products and/or categories. E-commerce website is a good example.

10. Internal Linking

Share your index page link juices in all your pages by linking other post or pages to the inner page of  your website. Make sure that its related to one another. Offering popular or related content within your website can help increase the page views.

We love to hear your feedback and If you find this article to be helpful hit us a comment or share this to your friends. 
Now a days more marketers who are into social media is frequently use images in the marketing campaigns. Instagram is one of the most popular social media tool today in promoting their products, brands and services.

I show you a few ways on how you can use Instagram to improve your marketing. Maybe you will ask why Instagram? 

Well, the answer are the following;

1. Reach Wider Audience In Instagram Profiles 

Use the Instagram profile page to make everyone see easily everything about you. Include pictures and some information about things you do.

2. Engage/Create A Contest

Using photos, you can now create a contest. Many companies are using this by tagging, voting, hashtagging the entry pictures and picking of winner is so easy.

3. Rewarding Your Followers Using Promo Codes

Make something that your followers or audience keep their interest. Providing a description in your pictures in form of promo codes, discounts and more that your audience can use. Be creative and unique so that they will appreciate the codes.

4. Get Featured Customer

Seeing a friendly face in social media that you are looking in a particular company's profile will keep engage for customers by adding them in your company stories. Including reviews from your customer is a fair share.

A sneak peak into their experience showcasing that they like your brand is one good example.

5.Create Interesting Up-coming Events

Creating a trade show to attract people about your product and services. Use Instagram to help attendees to visualized the location of event. Use hashtag on the event and showing other what's going on by posting pictures and making some live feeds.

If you know some other ways using Instagram for marketers please leave a comment below.
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