Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest are all using hashtags to emphasize a particular topic. On the other hand Facebook is now allowing users to add context to a post.

Greg Lindley, has stated that they will bring the public conversation on Facebook to the forefront, They will show out a series of features that come up some interesting topics that people are talking about in public events, people and more.

Facebook introduces the hashtags which is clickable. IT allows you to add circumstances to a particular post or indication that it was part of larger discussion. You will see the feed of what other people and Facebook pages are talking about the event or topic.

Top Features:

- Search for a specific hashtag from your search bar.

- Click on hashtags that comes from other social networking services like Twitter.

- Compose posts directly from the hashtags feed and search results.

Audience control for your post with hashtags is still applicable. It was just a first step to help people to discover what others are saying about a topic. Watch out for more Facebook features in the next few weeks and months like trending hashtags and insights, and to discover more of about what the world is conversing.

Learn more about this at Facebook Hashtags Help Center.


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