Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In today's generation in digital age people are into social networking. Social interaction is really a phenomenal, it involves different people in all ages. For we all wanted to expand our networks with our 
online friend enriching their lives by means of contacts that they made on social networking sites.

Social networking websites gives you the chance to keep in touch with your old friends, current friends and family. While creating online friendship with other people that share similar interests with you. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are only few to be the best social media websites.  But did your favorite social networking site are safe? or Did you know the criteria that you should use in evaluating the best social 
networking site?

Below are the some of the criteria that you should pay attention when choosing to join in social networking sites;

Social Networking Features

A one of a good sign of social networking site is simply allowing people to post a profile and can update profile images. It should have instant messaging, photo. video and playlist sharing and tagging, and of course, 
notifications. It should also allows you to create and join a group that are based in your interests.

Personal Profiles

Personal profile is the heart and soul of social networking sites. You should have your own online sanctuary where you can express your thoughts and emotions, post pictures and interact with your network friends. 

Search Features

One of the objective of the social networking is to search for friends and expand your networks online. It should allows members to search people or other members in a safe and easiest way. 

Security Features

As we all know that internet could be a dangerous place to broadcast your personal information. All social networking sites should provide privacy customization and has ability to set profiles whether for public or 
private. It also allows user to report in appropriate behavior, content and block specific member.

It is important that you know those social networking features before you decide where you create an account. 


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