Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There are lots of articles on the web who suggested things to do if you like to rank well in the search engines like Google. Doing the proffer on-page optimization is one way of to rank. Below are the top 10 factors to be consider when doing the on-page optimization.

1. Meta Content

Provide, timeless, hottest and intriguing title and descriptions in your content.

2. URL Optimization

Create a more descriptive, precise and easily understandable url's to easily read by the visitors and it helps search engine identify what your page is all about. Don't use URL with a lot of special characters and numbers.

3. Duplicate Content

Make sure that you don't have a duplicate content. Re-write, Re-phrase wording in every page. Panda doesn't like duplicate content.

4. Pages Content

Update your pages and add unique content on it. Make a long content, so that you can add more keywords related in your content. 

5. Rich Snippets

Implement rich snippets in your article. Add reviews (1-5 stars), picture of the author or the product, video thumbnails and music.

6. Comment Box

Apply comment section in your post. Encourage your readers to leave comments, weather they like 
the article or not. Sometimes a provocative content can help to start conversation or you can even 
start it by commenting first.

7. Website Performance

Plugins, optimized CSS and Compress images can help your sites to improve. Reducing load on  server will help your site to load fast. It can also help you increase conversions and visitors traffic.

8. .XML Sitemaps

Creating .xml sitemaps helps search engine to crawl your website. Submit sitemaps in Google Webmaster Tool or simply add plugins that will automatically generate it. You can even include images and video in your sitemaps.

9. Products and/or Categories 

Use your Homepage for your Products and/or categories. E-commerce website is a good example.

10. Internal Linking

Share your index page link juices in all your pages by linking other post or pages to the inner page of  your website. Make sure that its related to one another. Offering popular or related content within your website can help increase the page views.

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