Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is Blog?

Let's define first, what is blog?

Blog is an individual web page that represents as your personal website and journal of an individual who updates time to time. It shares own point of view and information about a specific topic. 

Blog is when you fall-out from the high structure. 

So, you're thinking to try blogging or make a blog? 

WHY you should start blogging?

1. Blogging becomes increasingly popular nowadays. There are millions of blogs in the world wide web. 
2. It is the great way to share your thoughts, opinions, informations and simply expressing yourself. 
3. You can possibly make money in blogging.

Thinking that you already knew that. So, let's start BLOGGING! 

There are five main steps that you need to do. Don't be afraid you don't need to code anything, by following the steps. You will be able to create a blog, up and running in 30 minutes or less. 

Step 1 – Choose you blogging platform.
Step 2 – Choose if you want a self-hosted blog or a free blog.
Step 3 – Setup a blog on your OWN domain name and hosting. 
Step 4 – Design/Customize your blog.
Step 5 – Promote your blog in the world.

Step 1 - Choose you blogging platform.

There are lots of blogging platform that you may want to consider, there are Free and not. 

Wordpress is one of the best blogging platforms because it has an approach to create, design and customize it. It is more advanced one. 

Blogger is the second best because of its very user friendly ways to start, and I recommend this for the first timer. 

Tumblr is another free blogging platform and now growing. It's micro blogging type like Twitter is really good, especially if you mostly post more images than text. 

Livejournal is also good and for free.

Actually, there are lots of it on the Internet. You just have to choose which one is best and soothed you. 

Step 2 – self-hosted blog or a free blog.

You have to decide whether it's a self-hosted blog in your own domain, or you will be having a free blog. Okay. I know, now you are getting too confused.

Let me help you... 

FREE blog is great but the downside;

- Your blog URL or blog web address will look ugly. It will be like, or 

- Your blog is somewhat limited like you can't upload more videos or images, you can't access all free themes, etc.

However, if you have decided to have a self-hosted blog with your own domain.

- You will be able to get your personal domain like, .net, .org. 

- You can have an unlimited bandwidth for videos and images. 

Don't worry about the cost of domain and hosting because I have seen more domains and hosting company selling at the lower price, especially if you get a code  that you can use before you purchase one. 

Step 3 – Set-up a blog on your OWN domain name and hosting.

- Come up with a domain name and look for a hosting company. 

- Most of the hosting company had integrated a one-click-install for your blog to be up and running. 

Step 4 – Design/Customize your blog.

Most of the blogs, varies in different niches. Your blog should reflect your niche as well as your personality. They say that "your blog is what you are." 

Step 5 – Promote your blog in the world.

Once you already setup everything and have created your first few blog posts. You can now promote your blog online. Share it with your friends in your social media sites. 

Remember that it's okay to have a few mistakes, especially when you are a newbie. 

Start blogging!
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