Thursday, July 9, 2015

If you are doing social media for your website you may come to think one day of wanting to know what's your social status. You will definitely wanted to know how to track your activities. Worry no more because I'm here to give you some pointer on how to do it.

I know that your metrics will help you improve your social present. By tracking your social activity, allows you to entice quality followers, engagement and providing good content that will resound your audience.

Below is the list of things you can do to improve your social media marketing;

Determine the best time to update.

Tools like SumAll can track metrics like what specific time of the day that you get the most engagement and what kind of content work perfectly for your post.

Gathering this insight by start scheduling your post at optimum times. Make some variation as well using different kinds of content. Connect and grow your audience.

Identifying the range of keywords on Twitter.

Use the tool like TweetReach in tracking a specific keywords or hashtags on Twitter.  Especially if you are running a campaign that includes hashtags
for a given time frame. It can look for over 1,500 tweets for every keyword. Can even show the most influential accounts who help spread the campaign that makes it easy for you to engage with your audience.

Study how your competitor is doing.

To find out how your competitor excels or falling short on social media, you can use the Rival IQ

It's not bad researching how your competitors are doing. actually it will help you decide which or where to go and finding out how effective what they do. Sometimes, finding the success or fall of other in doing a particular thing will help you decide which are the best way to go through.

Identify Your Traffic Sources.

It is better to know where you traffic are coming from. Customizing your landing page and measuring your metrics will help you extend your audience reach. Streaming line your social effort either by adding or reducing the time that you spent on social media will get better click through rates.

Look for relevant followers.

You can use ManageFlitter to help you identify people who unfollow you on Twitter. So it will easy to identify which people to take off on your list which aren't following you back.

It also allows you to find perfect customers on Twitter which makes easy for you to follow.

Measuring different social metrics may seem like an alarming task and sometimes very overwhelming. However, incorporating one at a time will give you time to see which one is effective for you that may help you to engage more and enhance your social strategy.

Let me know which metrics are important to your social marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let's start the conversation.
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