Thursday, September 26, 2013

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The capability to adapt to change swiftly and smoothly is one of the best ways to ensure business viability. The last five years has seen data and device use going wireless and mobile, with more businesses making the most of their manpower and the devices these personnel use. 

Smaller, lighter devices are replacing larger machines and enabling people to do business whether they are in the office, at home or stuck in traffic. 

The arena of EM where organizations utilize mobile devices offers great benefits, but it also has its risky areas. Dimension Data’s experience in deploying wireless infrastructure and enterprise mobility solutions across multiple industries and geographies provides benefits for organizations that seek this kind of expertise from the systems integration specialist.

Dimension Data provides enterprises with EM solutions. The company has valuable insights into the challenges, best practices and technologies in the EM space with its Enterprise Mobility Development Model (EMDM), which helps organizations prioritize their investments in wireless and mobility projects. 

EMDM is a collaborative workshop tool that enables users to cycle through critical reflection points for addressing and progressing 
through its EM capabilities and strategies. It maps the current stage of an organization's standing in terms of the various disciplines of enterprise mobility, their desired future state and a development path to achieve their goals.

Going mobile

Speaking at the Ayala Group of Companies' recently-concluded ICT Summit 2013, Dimension Data General Manager for Security Solutions and Enterprise Mobility Guido Crucq weighed in on the pros and cons of EM, BYOD and wireless connectivity.

With EM, organizations can respond faster to customer needs, reduce costs and increase productivity by saving time on paperwork and processes by empowering their personnel to complete these tasks while on the go.

Crucq said that while BYOD is gaining popularity, many enterprises are cautious in their approach to wireless connectivity and EM “because of security concerns, and the need to be flexible in using multiple platforms simultaneously, among other things.”

He cited a recent Ovum Global BYOD survey across 20 industries. The global average given by this IT think-tank is this: 57.1 percent of businesses allow and support BYOD in the workplace. The highest numbers, at close to 70 percent in this survey, come from the IT & Telecoms and Financial Services businesses, followed by Media/Publishing at over 65 percent. 

Crucq also cited a study by Gallup Consulting that showed that “companies with engaged employees see 18 percent higher productivity and 51 percent lower turnover.” According to him, organizations “see a 20-percent to 25-percent boost in productivity with the use of social media.”

New needs
Cost-efficient, productivity-enhancing and choice-empowering system are all good, but Crucq cautioned that organizations seeking to leverage EM must also focus on securing their networks and supporting several operating system platforms and versions across several device types. 

In this increasingly net-connected world, any organization adopting EM must be vigilant about external threats: Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and mass attempts at identity theft that target not just the organization’s IT systems, but their end-users and customers, too.

Crucq also shared EM best practices: First, “establish a strategic roadmap” to enable the organization to “better understand the EM environment and develop their strategy. Next, he recommended using the roadmap to “align all stakeholders in an organization on their 'as-is' and required 'to-be' range of EM competencies.” He said organizations embarking on the EM path should “produce a prioritized list of projects and visual roadmap to close the gap” between where an organization stands and where it wants to be. 

Operating systems and malware: Android (over 600 versions and 79 percent of total malware attacks); Windows 8 (five versions and 0.3 percent of malware attacks); BlackBerry (four versions and 0.1 percent of malware attacks) and; MacOS (three versions and 0.7 percent of malware attacks).

To keep an EM network secure, the CIO and tech support team of an organization must ensure that secure device management covers device configuration, device inventory, posture assessment, user access, secure connectivity, the ability to do a remote wipe on a misplaced or stolen device when needed, data protection and encryption and the white-listing and black-listing of specific applications.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One of our dilemmas as Internet user is when our connection got lost and one of our favorite things to do online is to watch videos that will keep us being entertained.  It's so hassle especially when we are on the middle of our 
watching, and the Internet connection 
becomes unavailable. 

Fret no more because the YouTube's  as one of the top videos sharing sites will now allow users to store the videos temporarily for viewing offline in their latest update to their mobile app. 

So you can now enjoy YouTube videos longer without interrupted and as a part 
of their ongoing updates to enjoy videos and channels in YouTube mobile.

I can't wait for it to happen, but the YouTube Team said in their post in their 
blog entitled Heads up about an upcoming YouTube mobile feature, that this will 
launch probably by November. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

As we all know the higher your reputation as well as popularity will help you gain more online trust. Most of the content marketers today should know how to become an authority when it comes online.  Bloggers, Social Media Influencers as well as Online Marketers, including SEO's  should know this 6 steps on how you get your Google Authorship. 

Step 1. Log-in to your Google account, use G+ (Your Profile is your Author ID).

Step 2. List down publisher sites in G+ "Contributor To" field. (Add Publishers) 

Step 3. Link your G+ profile URL to your CMS author page.

Step 4. Verify it by going to related authorship page, confirm your email address. 

Step 5. Test your Authorship using the structured data testing tool (

Step 6. Check your author's byline on content. 

There you have it, build authority and publish your content, and gain your recognition of Authorship. 

Remember, including an author's byline and head shot in search engine result pages (SERPs) will help you increase clicks and will improve your Page Rank in a long run. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Content Marketing is one of the underrated before Panda, and Penguin comes. Do not limit your border line with your imagination. You have to create a plan on how to make your content marketing strategy will attract your audience. 

There are lots of ways that we can do to be able to optimize our websites/blog site. As we diversified our contents, we are can express more in creating the best one that will suits to our taste. 

In this article, I will tell you what types of content that you can use and share in different formats. There are 4 types of contents that may work best for you, and these are the following; 

Text Content - is rich text contents in form of blog post, guest Blog Post, PR Quotations, Blog Reviews, Guides, White paperse-books and Press Releases. 

Visual Content - is in form of Infographics which is very popular today, Images and Presentations that we share in different social publishing sites. 

Social Content - is the content that includes Facebook Polls, Google hangouts, twitter Chats, and Webinars. This kind of content is very interactive and requires participation.

Audio and Video Content - is also very popular today. It includes Podcasts and Interviews with industry experts, Video News Releases, Product Guides, and Optin Videos that can easily share online. 

There are websites, which happened to be very social and used audio and video content to get the attention of their target audience while other prepare to have the text and visual content. Which of this four content that you think will work best for you? You can share to us your thoughts by giving us a comment below. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A month ago Yahoo! share us different kinds of logo's that may possibly one of their newest and official logo. The 30 days of change of Yahoo Logo that gives us so much fun while we are excited waiting each and everyday. Now, the Yahoo logo has been shared and will now begin its visibility in all Yahoo properties globally.

Yahoo, wanted their logo that stayed true to their roots. so, the whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point are still there and yet will embraced the new evolution of their products.

Check out the video below that illustrates the craft behind the new logo: 

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