Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Content Marketing is one of the underrated before Panda, and Penguin comes. Do not limit your border line with your imagination. You have to create a plan on how to make your content marketing strategy will attract your audience. 

There are lots of ways that we can do to be able to optimize our websites/blog site. As we diversified our contents, we are can express more in creating the best one that will suits to our taste. 

In this article, I will tell you what types of content that you can use and share in different formats. There are 4 types of contents that may work best for you, and these are the following; 

Text Content - is rich text contents in form of blog post, guest Blog Post, PR Quotations, Blog Reviews, Guides, White paperse-books and Press Releases. 

Visual Content - is in form of Infographics which is very popular today, Images and Presentations that we share in different social publishing sites. 

Social Content - is the content that includes Facebook Polls, Google hangouts, twitter Chats, and Webinars. This kind of content is very interactive and requires participation.

Audio and Video Content - is also very popular today. It includes Podcasts and Interviews with industry experts, Video News Releases, Product Guides, and Optin Videos that can easily share online. 

There are websites, which happened to be very social and used audio and video content to get the attention of their target audience while other prepare to have the text and visual content. Which of this four content that you think will work best for you? You can share to us your thoughts by giving us a comment below. 


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