Friday, July 28, 2017

Ricoh Philippines, a global leader in office productivity solutions, recognizes that the workplace has been constantly evolving. In order to enhance collaboration and to effectively drive productivity, businesses must adapt the right toolsets and smart equipment not only to empower the employees but to also optimize business processes.

Ricoh recently showcased their latest technology and product offerings that are set to further empower the new era of digital workplaces.

“Ricoh’s total solutions and services, including the new digital multifunction colored printers, the revolutionary interactive whiteboard, and our ultra short throw projector, ultimately allow us to achieve our goal of empowering digital workplaces by helping businesses and their employees work better and smarter,” said Eric Sulit, Ricoh Philippines, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Revolutionary Digital Multifunction Colored Printers
Ricoh highlighted today two of their newest multifunction colored printers (MFPs) – the MPC4504exSP and the MPC2004EXSP – that are equipped with the revolutionary Ricoh Smart Operation Panel.

The Smart Operation Panel allows users to integrate multiple processes and customize shortcuts to bypass many of the repetitive manual tasks associated with printing. Ricoh's new interface delivers improved usability to end users by incorporating familiar gestures, such as swipe, pinch and flick commonly used on smartphones and tablets, to enable the completion of everyday workflows easily and quickly. These gestures make accessing the latest and existing applications more efficient and streamlined, helping to further enhance collaboration and embrace emerging workstyles. Using cloud connectivity, users can also view documents remotely and share information effectively with their devices that are connected to these MFPs.

Furthermore, when it comes to print and image quality, Ricoh MFPs achieves vibrant results with the precision of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch and print speeds from 30 to 60 pages per minute. 

Real time collaboration through interactive whiteboards

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard IWB-D6510 empowers users to save time and expenses by creating real-time collaborative digital meetings. It allows up to 20 users to view a whiteboard presentation on web-connected devices from multiple locations.

With Ricoh’s IWB, users can make changes using the whiteboard tools to write, draw, edit, resize, move, and save information easily. The connected interactive whiteboards are also common space - what's added to one board will appear on all networked boards. Users also have the power to choose the participants and decide how their information will be displayed.

Widescreen clear projection and collaboration from short distances

The Ricoh PJ-WX4152N Ultra Short Throw Projector empowers office workers to get closer with their audience while projecting with clarity. Even when placed as close as 4.6 inches from the projection surface, the PJ-WX4152N can display crisp, compelling images, movies, presentation and other media from a wide range of audio-visual equipment with 1280 x 800 WXGA wide format resolution.

The PJ-WX4152N also allows users to bring important information together from up to four different devices onto a single screen. It can also be equipped with the Ricoh Smart Presenter app to be able to invite iPad users to view the presentation remotely. Moreover, users can pair it with Ricoh's Business Projection System to share the same presentation in up to four different locations.

It also features impressive contrast ratios up to 13,000:1 and 3,500 lumens to project color-rich images even in the most sunlit meeting rooms. The projector can also detect and automatically balance keystone distortions for worry-free presentations. 

Ricoh Service Advantage

“Ricoh Philippines constantly strives to meet or exceed customer expectations,” Sulit explained. “Being a service-oriented company, we constantly innovate and strive to improve our products and services.”

Ricoh Philippines leads the service charge by being one of the first companies in its industry to use iPads with Field Service Automation software to manage service assignments and requests. 
By September, Ricoh will be launching a new service called Ricoh Remote Assistance, which will allow Ricoh to remotely troubleshoot problems and provide solutions to customers

Moreover, these Ricoh products are sold and serviced directly by Ricoh Philippines. So, customers are assured of high quality and excellent servicing, which begins from customers’ selection and decision-making process, and continues beyond after sales. 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I always worked closely with graphic artist or designers. As SEO, I give recommendation to them on what they can do for the web layout or design for a specific client. However, I personally do some art work sometimes at home and never thought that Pen Tablet would be helping in way. I used to see this kind of product years ago and my designer friends has it but admittedly in different brand.

The other day was an opportunity for me to witness a new product line for pen tablet and it's from Huion. The thing is, it has the same function like branded one who we find in the market today. With Huion, I would say that they are more affordable. With regards to the quality, I can't give any testimonies about it because I haven't tried using it although during the event, I have a chance to see it upfront, feel and touch it.

I believe that user experience are still the best when explaining about the quality. I also, witness the contract signing of their partnership with American Technologies, Inc., PSITE, and Our Lady of Fatima University.

The event was very interactive as media ask different questions about the company and the product itself. Huion executive even ask question asking the media in return about what we think of the product? Actually, I want to answer the question and since I did not have a chance to tell them what's on my mind, I will write it in here. My answer is that or should I say my conclusion about the product is, "As a mom, I tend to check how affordable a specific gadget, next is actually the quality and lastly defines how useful it is. Huion pen table is affordable, check! For the quality? I can not say it now. However, they say that they can give 1 year warranty when you purchase. For the last consideration, Yes, I think it is useful for graphic artist and aspiring artist for you can easily draw and edit with the tablet.

I hope that I give some pointers that you can consider for Huion products. If have already tried or wanted to buy their products please call American Technologies, Inc. at +63 2 5846868. Visit Huion at to learn more about their product and check out their Facebook page at

Monday, July 10, 2017

I was so excited for the BPI Blogger's Picnic at the Melendres Farm in Antipolo City. It was nice to know thay there are people who really care. This is one of the advocacy event that I've attended and it was so inspiring. The day was filled with fun learning during the tour around the 3.5 hectare farm situated in Antipolo City. So rare to find a place like Melendres Farm because most of the places in Antipolo was build with subdivisions. 

After the farm tour, we had a healthy and sumptuous meal in the Melendres Farm cafeteria. It was from farm to table set-up which I totally love. The food taste so different like it used to because it was served fresh.

Of course, there is no great meal without a dessert. They served us their Avocado and Mango ice cream which is to die for. Then, we have got a chance to meet two of the Sinag awardee from Bayaji Brew and HABI who shares their experiences before and after they become part of BPI Sinag.


As we all know, Philippines is now very attractive to global investors because of its natural resources and talented skilled people. However, the gap between rich and poor are continuously growing. Although the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) states that the poverty rate was dropped to 21.6% from 26.3% in the end of 2015. It was still far from the goal of 14% in the end of the year 2022.

The good thing is that there is BPI Sinag who enables new and innovative solutions for a more inclusive growth through supporting social enterprises in the country. BPI Sinag aims to empower entrepreneurs by providing the following:

  • Intellectual Capital: Access to intensive bootcamps and mentorship programs 
  • Social Capital: Access to industry networks, impact investors, and community of social entrepreneurs
  • Financial Capital: Access to seed grants and financing options

Sinag in English, means “light”. Perhaps, they choose it because they aims to bring rays of light to the communities in need. They also aims to enlighten the public on a new, more inclusive way of doing business and how new business models can help solve some of the societal and environmental issues today. Brilliant idea right!

This year, there are two categories. The Sinag U for Students Entrepreneur and the Sinag Accelerate fir Community Development.

Now, for sure you are thinking of, who are eligible to join and what are the requirements and how to join? Well, its simple. Check out below:

Oh, by the way, the have an event on July 14-16, 2017 at the Lucky Chinatown and meet the BPI Sinag social enterprise members and check out their local products.

To learn more about BPI Sinag and BPI Foundation, visit their website at or check them out in social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Friday, July 7, 2017

I found a new co-working place in Makati. I love the concept of WeCube office its not only the space are shared but they also offer conference room for big meetings. As usual from a co-working space, they also have unlimited coffee and tea in the pantry. If happen that you want to have something to munch-in you can order from their partner cafeteria with discounts.

WeCube was so convenient for a blogger like me and for sure, small business owners, freelancers and VA's will benefit from it also for it has a professional ecosystem while they grow their business. They also offer strategic counseling and advice for partners as they mentor to drive your business forward. Networking opportunities is also welcome for they hold event from time to time to connect for potential partners, decision makers and influencers.

WeCube is the ideal home to incubate your ideas if you are a startup founders, entrepreneurs and companies. They have Flexi-seat, semi private cubicles, and conference rooms.

WeCube Space is located in the heart of Makati, short walk to Greenbelt and near by restaurants. They have 24/7 security, Printing and copy machines, High Speed internet, Parking and the Common Ground Cafe. 

Check out their prices below:

For more information about WeCube, visit their website at Email them at or call them at +632-7508806, +63-7508807.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Mom's let your kids do their holistic development with their random activities such as cooking, painting, and scrapbooking. As kids become busier, Moms play a challenging role to be more creative, to make every experiences a learning platform for their kids. Today, moms are more empowered with the right technology, especially with the right printer that can help them foster creeativity and enhanced learning for the family. Thanks to Canon PIXMA E Series printers, moms like me is stress-free.

Wanna know why? because Canon PIXMA E Series printers can help every family moment memorable.
The Canon PIXMA E410 is perfect for moms who help put together her children’s numerous drafts of artworks, sketches and projects with its ability to print up to 400 black and white documents, and 180 colored pages. 

The design savvy student will enjoy the PIXMA E470’s built-in Wi-Fi features that can help print from anywhere to meet that deadline when paired with the Google Cloud Print*1 service. 

Teens in the family can immortalize their best photos on Facebook through the PIXMA MG3070s with its PIXMA Cloud Link application for remote printing of Facebook albums and online contents with mobile devices. 

While the compact PIXMA E480 model is best suited for aspiring entrepreneurs in the family with its on-the-go faxing and scanning features.

Check out the upcoming Canon #PIXMom series of events in the malls this July. Families can visit Canon'c interactive booths like a back-to-school booth where kids can select icons of what they want to be when they grow up; a kitchen booth where guests can design their cupcakes; the creatives in the family can print their own coloring sheets and scrapbook in the arts and crafts booth; plus dads and kids can test the speed of taking sharp photos using select Canon cameras at the basketball booth.

You can now download their Canon Red App to make your every Canon purchase counts. It's available in Apple Store and Google Play with exciting freebies and rewards from over 150 partner merchants to earn points.

Registered users can enjoy discounts, prioritized services and product loans, free workshops, amera cleaning, extended warranty up to two years, special after sales services, plus up to Php 10,000 worth of credits with every purchase of participating Canon products.

For more details, visit and
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