Monday, July 10, 2017

I was so excited for the BPI Blogger's Picnic at the Melendres Farm in Antipolo City. It was nice to know thay there are people who really care. This is one of the advocacy event that I've attended and it was so inspiring. The day was filled with fun learning during the tour around the 3.5 hectare farm situated in Antipolo City. So rare to find a place like Melendres Farm because most of the places in Antipolo was build with subdivisions. 

After the farm tour, we had a healthy and sumptuous meal in the Melendres Farm cafeteria. It was from farm to table set-up which I totally love. The food taste so different like it used to because it was served fresh.

Of course, there is no great meal without a dessert. They served us their Avocado and Mango ice cream which is to die for. Then, we have got a chance to meet two of the Sinag awardee from Bayaji Brew and HABI who shares their experiences before and after they become part of BPI Sinag.


As we all know, Philippines is now very attractive to global investors because of its natural resources and talented skilled people. However, the gap between rich and poor are continuously growing. Although the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) states that the poverty rate was dropped to 21.6% from 26.3% in the end of 2015. It was still far from the goal of 14% in the end of the year 2022.

The good thing is that there is BPI Sinag who enables new and innovative solutions for a more inclusive growth through supporting social enterprises in the country. BPI Sinag aims to empower entrepreneurs by providing the following:

  • Intellectual Capital: Access to intensive bootcamps and mentorship programs 
  • Social Capital: Access to industry networks, impact investors, and community of social entrepreneurs
  • Financial Capital: Access to seed grants and financing options

Sinag in English, means “light”. Perhaps, they choose it because they aims to bring rays of light to the communities in need. They also aims to enlighten the public on a new, more inclusive way of doing business and how new business models can help solve some of the societal and environmental issues today. Brilliant idea right!

This year, there are two categories. The Sinag U for Students Entrepreneur and the Sinag Accelerate fir Community Development.

Now, for sure you are thinking of, who are eligible to join and what are the requirements and how to join? Well, its simple. Check out below:

Oh, by the way, the have an event on July 14-16, 2017 at the Lucky Chinatown and meet the BPI Sinag social enterprise members and check out their local products.

To learn more about BPI Sinag and BPI Foundation, visit their website at or check them out in social media like Facebook and Instagram.


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