Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I always worked closely with graphic artist or designers. As SEO, I give recommendation to them on what they can do for the web layout or design for a specific client. However, I personally do some art work sometimes at home and never thought that Pen Tablet would be helping in way. I used to see this kind of product years ago and my designer friends has it but admittedly in different brand.

The other day was an opportunity for me to witness a new product line for pen tablet and it's from Huion. The thing is, it has the same function like branded one who we find in the market today. With Huion, I would say that they are more affordable. With regards to the quality, I can't give any testimonies about it because I haven't tried using it although during the event, I have a chance to see it upfront, feel and touch it.

I believe that user experience are still the best when explaining about the quality. I also, witness the contract signing of their partnership with American Technologies, Inc., PSITE, and Our Lady of Fatima University.

The event was very interactive as media ask different questions about the company and the product itself. Huion executive even ask question asking the media in return about what we think of the product? Actually, I want to answer the question and since I did not have a chance to tell them what's on my mind, I will write it in here. My answer is that or should I say my conclusion about the product is, "As a mom, I tend to check how affordable a specific gadget, next is actually the quality and lastly defines how useful it is. Huion pen table is affordable, check! For the quality? I can not say it now. However, they say that they can give 1 year warranty when you purchase. For the last consideration, Yes, I think it is useful for graphic artist and aspiring artist for you can easily draw and edit with the tablet.

I hope that I give some pointers that you can consider for Huion products. If have already tried or wanted to buy their products please call American Technologies, Inc. at +63 2 5846868. Visit Huion at to learn more about their product and check out their Facebook page at


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