Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now a days more marketers who are into social media is frequently use images in the marketing campaigns. Instagram is one of the most popular social media tool today in promoting their products, brands and services.

I show you a few ways on how you can use Instagram to improve your marketing. Maybe you will ask why Instagram? 

Well, the answer are the following;

1. Reach Wider Audience In Instagram Profiles 

Use the Instagram profile page to make everyone see easily everything about you. Include pictures and some information about things you do.

2. Engage/Create A Contest

Using photos, you can now create a contest. Many companies are using this by tagging, voting, hashtagging the entry pictures and picking of winner is so easy.

3. Rewarding Your Followers Using Promo Codes

Make something that your followers or audience keep their interest. Providing a description in your pictures in form of promo codes, discounts and more that your audience can use. Be creative and unique so that they will appreciate the codes.

4. Get Featured Customer

Seeing a friendly face in social media that you are looking in a particular company's profile will keep engage for customers by adding them in your company stories. Including reviews from your customer is a fair share.

A sneak peak into their experience showcasing that they like your brand is one good example.

5.Create Interesting Up-coming Events

Creating a trade show to attract people about your product and services. Use Instagram to help attendees to visualized the location of event. Use hashtag on the event and showing other what's going on by posting pictures and making some live feeds.

If you know some other ways using Instagram for marketers please leave a comment below.


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