Monday, July 1, 2013

Every owner of blog dreamed of becoming one of the top blogs. Other bloggers find their success while others experience the struggle to survive online.

First, think again the meaning of blog. Then decide whether your a blogger or publisher. Alright, once you have decided here are the five tips to help your blog into a more powerful online.

1. Gather Your Audience Interest.

Who are your targeted audience? What are types of content do they like most?

If you know exactly what kind of content that your readers want, then it's much easier for you to create a posts that can be widely read and shared on social media sites.

Asked your readers. Use a simple survey or polling questions. Here's how to do it;

- Create a survey or polling question.
- Ask direct question to them. Example: "What question about (your subject/topic) you like to be answered most?"
- Ask your readers and fans to take your survey/poll.
- Afterward, study all the results.

2. Re-write Hot Topics.

If you know and understand your audience interest, you have to create a plan in creating content that is focused around their popular subjects/topics. Example: "Why Social Media is popular?"

Other topics could be like;

- The Popularity of Social Media
- 10 Popular Social Media Today
- Top Trending Social Media

Creating more blog post on the very same topic without looking repetitive. Get enormous mileage by re-writing new and related articles that is focus in a single topic that your readers will be very 
interested in.

3. Influence The Power of Multiple Authors.

Most of the largest blogs in the industry have multiple authors contributing to them. One good example is Technorati.

There are some benefits of having contributors who will write for your blog and these are the following;

- Your site performs to have more prominence because it's not only about you.
- You gain fresh voice and can cultivate new topics to re-write.
- Other contributor can also promote the content they write in your blog.
- Create strong organization with contributing writers.

4. Merge Social Shares. 

One of the misconceptions in blogging is that "Great content will be fond, you simply need 
to write it."

As a matter of fact some of the best and talented bloggers on the world are undiscovered. Why? because they don't have enough readers for their blogs.

To become on the top, you need to enable people to share you blog post effortlessly with their friends and followers. Social Sharing Options should be visible near on the top of the post.

5. Catching Emails.

One of the biggest secrets in a successful blog is that you share your updates with your subscribers through emails.

You need to encourage people to become your returning visitors. Use email subscription forms. Place multiple locations where you can encourage people to sign up for email newsletter.

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