Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Since the creation of Smart phones, access to the Internet became possible. Responsive web design was also introduced just recently. Responsive design is a web design approach aimed at creating and modifying smart phones as well as for tablets to provide optimal viewing experience, more like trying the best to replicate the same website as seen on the desktop format by applying layouts. These layouts were customized to adopt a wide range of smart phones and tablets and to provide quality applications and viewing experience. 

The goals of App Store Optimization (ASO) are:

1. To be found on the first pages.

2. To rank higher against competitors.

3. To rank higher via keywords.

4. To rank higher in Google semantic search for Applications.

Like in the old days of SEO, multiple platforms are needed to optimize, although ASO this time has separate app versions for each of them. The largest one would be Apple App store, Android Market, Blackberry App world, Samsung App store and other alternatives. Although young, it is the new future for SEO so here are some basic ranking methods.

App Store Ranking Factors

• App Name – the name of apps here are categorized alphabetically so that means that the closer the name of the app to A means it gets more noticed.

• Publisher’s App name – keyword rich app names are much more helpful like TORO games, TORO map, TORO Food Search much better.

• Keywords – everybody knows that the most 

• keyword rich content gets the most notice.

Most Popular ranking factors as observed are closely similar to Website ranking factors.  

Adapting to ASO won’t be that hard. The good side about this is that by learning and applying this new trend, it can help your e-business boom and bloom.

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