Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Will guest post worth? Well, getting to engage with new audiences by guest blogging is one way to establish yourself to be a leader and acquire a quality inbound link or two.  It was said that not all blogs were created equal. It is important to be sure that you will be getting a positive in return. 

If that is the case, and you really want to highlight some of the things to look for evaluating your prospect for guest post, you might like to continue reading and take a look at the following; 

Engaging To Readers

- A substantive and authentic way is if the site visitors are interacting with the blog post. An interactive community that's unlikely promoting the content and can provide feedback with a relevant remark. 

Social Networking Shares

- Post should have displayed sharing buttons and if the reader will share it via social-networking sharing buttons it means that this one is engaging in a community level. 

RSS & Email Subscribers

- Check the site via Google's reader to know the RSS and email subscribers to determine whether it contains a quality content. However, it still always fair to ask the blog owner to provide his number of subscribers. 

Backlink Profile

- Blog with a high number of inbound links is an excellent indicator that this one is reliable and has a good source of quality information. 

Quality of Post

- So, if the post is clear and very compelling, free from spelling and grammar mistakes. It's a good sign that it has a quality post that makes it more comprehensive. 

These are the few things that I think will help you in finding a guest blog post. What about you, What you think that makes you to guest post? I would love to hear something from you in my comment's section.


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