Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Social media is the category of internet mediums where people stay connected, conversing and networking. It joins social interaction and technology. These are usually mobile based and internet based. Myspace, Twitter and Facebook are good examples of social media on the internet.

Everyone benefits from social media on the internet for the reason that it gives us a medium to communicate and stay in touch with each other. Advertisers and consumers also use this medium as a way to buy, sell and look for interesting products. Social media help you broaden the reach of your message as a marketer, a customer or if you just want to get something out to the public.

Social Media on the internet is not just for emerging small businesses and regular people. Major corporations have taken advantage of the internet and social media to expand their products and to reach out to more potential customers. Absolute Vodka has uploaded advertising videos on Youtube and is taking advantage of Facebook to house their fan page, BMW also has taken full advantage of Facebook for their promotions and have created a Rampenfest fan page. Even current United States President Barrack Obama has utilized Twitter during the Presidential Election and has almost 200,000 followers.

It is obvious that the role of social media on the internet has been very appealing to everyone and every business. Our President, an established beverage company and mobile manufacturers have made good use of social media to promote their products and services.

As of today more and more marketers are using social media to inform customers about what their business stand for and what their products and services are. It gives marketer an identity. It makes advertisers and their businesses real to consumers.

However, advertisers and businessmen should not expect overnight popularity by using social media on the internet. It makes it easier for you to make customers aware of your business but it will take time and effort from your end before your business can reach its full potential.


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