Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Need to have high website ranking and don't know how to start, why not try this simple but most effective work flow in optimizing a website. 

Most SEO's are doing the following steps;

Keyword Analysis

Finding the right keywords and key phrases for you website can make your website promotion campaign more easy. Keep in mind that it should describe the business, product or services. It has searches and low in 

Use keyword tool or keyword tracker that will help you decide which relevant keywords are fit for your website.

Content Optimization

Before getting into off-site optimization, a website should be presentable and search engine friendly. Using the keywords wisely in every element of the website's page is what we call on-page optimization. They should be topically related (the keyword and the page).

Creating website structure

Cleaning up the coding and start organizing the website's structure to get the maximum effect. Making sure that the website is working properly before start promoting. Checking the websites performance that 
includes broken links, HTML code errors, duplicate content, 404 and other server response errors, pages who are not index, missing or too long metadata and all other site issues that can interfere the rankings.

Creating list of possible backlink sites

In here the off-page optimization starts. The website needs a lots of backlinks. It should be thematically related source, well established and trusted site by the search engines, and allows using keywords by making a anchor text.

The quickest and reliable way to find good links is to check the competitors' link source.

Creating a network of quality links

Having incoming links pointing to the website. Sometimes exchanging links is useful. Creating a link partner by requesting and explaining to other website's owner why you need to have and how their website would benefit.

Monitor you ranking over time 

Checking the website position in search engines regularly is the easiest way to know if you SEO efforts are bringing good results. Manually checking as well as automated checking can give an idea if you have progress over time.

Doing SEO is a non-stop process and search engine algorithm changes every time. A particular website can't get an instant ranks overnight. It takes time to get a good ranking and traffic.  Now that you have a better idea of what effective SEO work flows need to be done in able to get quality ranking and online reputation.

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