Friday, July 5, 2013

As a blogger, we always wanted that our post will be on the top search of search engine.  Technically, blogger's also needs to have SEO capabilities to help them benefit more especially if a blogger is into making money through blogging with their respective blogs.

Try making some experiment to learn new things with your blogs. In this article I will share some basic and practical way how to rank a specific blog post in Google. Below are the instructions that you can follow.

1. Choose your target keyword.

In selecting the right keyword you can use the Google keyword research tool, this tool is free from Google. Choose a long tail keyword that is related to our blog. Choose keyword phrase that is easy to rank with at least 3 word in it. 
Remember, it always better to pick the low competition keyword phrase with high searches because they can rank well in search engine.

2. Check the Phrase Matches.

Run a query in Google with the exact keyword phrase that you selected with a double quote (" ") in it. You will see the number of search results below the search box, it indicates the number of competition in Google database with the specific keyword phrase that you use. Its okay if you have 4-word phrase but make sure that it still relevant to your blog.

3. Quality Write-ups.

Write quality content using your selected keyword phrase. Use it in the title, body and even as your tags. You can use the exact keyword phrase with at least 6 times in the whole article. make sure that you proof read your works. You can also use different variation using your target keywords. 

4. Use Social Bookmarking sites.

After you post it in your blog, get the exact URL of your blog post and get ready to share it to social bookmarking sites like,, and more.because you need to alert Google that you have a new unique content. You need to have an account to those social bookmarking site. If you don't have then start creating an account now. Remember that 
every time yo submit to different social bookmarking site, you need to write a totally unique description. Again, use your keyword phrase in your title, description and in the tag. 

5. Patience is a virtue.

Wait. Then, check Google search the next day. However, if you have selected really non-competitive keyword, you will see the results within 20 minutes. 

Keyword selection, competition analysis and building links are just the basic steps that any websites goes through to rank well in any keyword. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a bloggers' best friend. 

Try this steps and see how it works for you as you start extrapolate this. More people miss this things because they think that its not necessary to do. But trust me, it's very useful in boosting your blogs through SEO.

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  1. nice post :) as of now 85% of my blog post is top on Google :)


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