Monday, June 16, 2014

Upon Twitter’s plunge in the internet, people started questioning the efficiency of posting significant information especially for business with only 140 characters to use. However, eventually, Twitter underwent huge improvements and added some features that benefit businesses, which led to becoming one of the most impressive and excellent social media platforms for businesses.

Suddenly, businesses had an epiphany on Twitter’s 140 characters and swamped the site in big numbers. Consequently, this soaring growth in Tweetosphere paved the way for a great need of implementing a set of conventional rules, principles, and guidelines on the scope and limitations of what businesses could carry out in Twitter.

In an interesting manner, many social media specialists usually talk about the things that can be done on Twitter, but they forgot to focus also on the relevant things that shouldn’t be done on Twitter. Gladly, I am going share the things that you must avoid doing on Twitter.

• Too Much Tweeting or Re-Tweeting – I discovered that some businesses are 
guilty of over-tweeting/re-tweeting. They tweet excessively and what’s worse is that their tweets are repetitious. This is really bothersome to find that the same tweets are appearing in my feed every night before I sleep and they come out again the next morning. The intention is to be wise on the frequency of tweets and the content of tweets.

• Follow Everybody with an Account – Sometimes, businesses forget the very 
important fact that Twitter is an efficient tool for their business IF they know 
who their target audiences are. You follow people with hopes to follow you back and gain additional followers- it doesn’t work that way, and it won’t help your business. Instead, purposefully follow the ones who would associate with your business. Moreover, keep in mind that automatic follows (auto follow) can only give you additional number of followers but it cannot guarantee the quality which is why you should make certain that you consider your choices prior to turning the follow button on.

• Blackguarding – Employing foul, obscene, or offensive tweets can only get your business in the worst scenario. You must keep your self-regard on 
Twitter. Always be attentive of the language you use and respect everyone. 
Keep in mind that you are dealing with human beings who can feel so it is very essential to avoid hurting their sentiments. The golden rule here – “tweet others the way you would like to be tweeted”.

• Incomplete or Imprecise Profile – Most users do not follow Twitter accounts 
whose profiles have not been completed or who give dis-informing information on their profiles. Majority of users only get associated with real businesses which are guileless when it comes to their practice. Be sure to put in your profile all the necessary information and never provide any incorrect details.

• Jactitation – Whereas Twitter is a tool for the promotion of businesses as 
well as its related products, it is not advisable to tweet blatant sales talk to be recognized and patronized. Do not praise and boast yourself or your business excessively. Practice a balanced approach at all times.

• Personal Conversations – Refrain from having any kind of personal 
conversations on Twitter if you are a business person. There is no point in living them futile information overload as they are not most likely to get interested about it anyway.

• Tweeting Rarely – As it is important to avoid excessive tweeting, it is also 
equally relevant to avoid posting once in a blue moon. Make sure that you tweet frequent enough as long as you make sure that you have quality information to share. This will help secure your followers’ interest in being associated with you.

Avoiding these practices in Twitter would not only create a more harmonious 
environment within the micro-blogging sphere, but would also help your business attain a more professional recognition among your followers.
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