Friday, June 5, 2015

Most of the marketers, today increased their usage of Instagram as their visual content. However, other brands are having a hard time in creating attracting Instagram profile and high quality of visual content for their account. 

Here are some marketing trends for your business to get the most effect for your Instagram profile even you don't have many followers.

Use Hashtags

Influencing branded hashtags to employ their company on social media. This should not only hashtagging the company name instead make an overall brand. It's like keywording in SEO, you have to create a keyword or phrases that relate to your product, campaign, and company.

Behavioral Content

Sharing your lifestyle content in your Instagram that represents your brand is another way to market even without posting product shots.  Monitoring your followers to know what kind of content they like to share is an effective way to market your brand. So that they can relate to you. 

Connect with Influencers

All Instagrammers are looking forward to increasing their followers. One of the easiest way is by connecting to influencers. Although, there are big companies who are paying to partner with influencers to get a huge amount of followers. However, by exchanging your products for giving out something to them or small token will help you to get exposure.

Before you partner, take time os study the influencers profile if they are fit for your company because not all influencers will like your product and it doesn't mean they can create an attracting content for you.

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