Sunday, March 8, 2015

Have you seen the latest news about confirming of Google that they will favor mobile-friendly websites in their search results?

Oh well, the updates are up on their blog, and you can check it out here; Google Webmaster Central - Blog Post 

Excited with their important announcement? Wait a minute...

Apparently, this mobile-friendliness is somewhat important in ranking signal. As a matter of fact, many people are talking about this for almost two years. Soon, it will become a bigger factor and websites that were not capable of mobile responsiveness will actually be penalized in rankings. 

Google is very clear in their intentions and gave us time to adjust. However, those websites that are not mobile friendly are going to be left behind and if your website is one of these, I'm telling you to be prepared! 

Well, if you are on Wordpress you don't have to worry much because most of Wordpress themes are already responsive. However, there is nothing wrong if you check your sites to be safe. You can run a mobile friendly test right now with your Google webmaster tool:

Run A Mobile Friendly Test Now! 

If your website is not a mobile friendly, there are helpful instuctions in Google Webmaster Tool to make your site a mobile friendly. You just have to pick the options that will describe on how you created your website and simply follow the step by step guide. 

There is still more time. So, no worries! 

Below are the gists of two important #WebmasterNews announcement;

1. Google will be expanding the use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal starting April 21 of this year. It means that there will be more #mobilefriendly sites in their search results from that day.

2. Google will be started to use the information from indexed apps as their factor in ranking for signed-in users with installed apps. 

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