Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Due to insisting public demand and from the feedback that people have given to Hootsuite on their dashboard. Hootsuite's designers have updated the dashboard with a new fresh look to improve its usability.

Check out it's newest look as you view the new dashboard design, you can compare its styles by moving back and forth and start updating your own dashboard into its new look.

I have noticed that its now more look like a real social media dashboard/feeds. The images become bigger and wider.

Honest feedback isn't always kind. Watch our design team read some candid messages regarding the old Hootsuite dashboard in this "Mean Tweets" video:

For me this one looks better than before. Anyway, changes in everything doesn't hurt anyone as long as this is for the good. :P

How about you? What do think about the Hootsuite New dashboard? Share some thoughts below.


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