What to Post on Instagram?

When you are in social media, the main challenge is to be consistent. Your post should be related  in some way to the business or your personal branding., It should have a purpose!

To be honest, I admit that I struggle with this on my own Instagram account. Being consistent is the KEY.

Most of you for sure have already a lot of ideas of what sort of image or content you should post. However, I'm here to give you some kind of a tips of what to post on Instagram.

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How To Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities

If you are doing social media for your website you may come to think one day of wanting to know what's your social status. You will definitely wanted to know how to track your activities. Worry no more because I'm here to give you some pointer on how to do it.

I know that your metrics will help you improve your social present. By tracking your social activity, allows you to entice quality followers, engagement and providing good content that will resound your audience.

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How To Use Instagram As Marketing Strategy

Most of the marketers, today increased their usage of Instagram as their visual content. However, other brands are having a hard time in creating attracting Instagram profile and high quality of visual content for their account. 

Here are some marketing trends for your business to get the most effect for your Instagram profile even you don't have many followers.

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The Fresh New Look of Hootsuite Dashboard

Due to insisting public demand and from the feedback that people have given to Hootsuite on their dashboard. Hootsuite's designers have updated the dashboard with a new fresh look to improve its usability.

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Boom Philippines For Social Media Day 2014 

I was invited to be one of the speakers for the Social Media Day 2014 in Baguio. Usually, I am just an attendee in events like this and since this is something new for me. I need to do the best I can to be able to deliver good information. My topic is about Hootsuite and I decided to give the basic introduction, my talk is about Working Your Way Around Hootsuite Dashboard.

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Practices to Avoid when Using Twitter

Upon Twitter’s plunge in the internet, people started questioning the efficiency of posting significant information especially for business with only 140 characters to use. However, eventually, Twitter underwent huge improvements and added some features that benefit businesses, which led to becoming one of the most impressive and excellent social media platforms for businesses.

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Social Media for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide Part 3

.... continuation from Social Media for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide Part 2

6: Capitalize Social Advertising

If you are yearning for a boosted social media performance, you could always check out paid advertising options.

Social Media for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide Part 2

.... continuation from Social Media for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide Part 1

3: Start Humbly

After determining your target audience, knowing where to effectively reach them, and optimizing your website for your social media channels, it is time for you to get social.

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Social Media for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide Part 1

Are you ready to get in touch with a broader audience?

Do you want to be acquainted with the best ways to control social media for your small business?

If your answer is YES to both of these questions, then thoroughly browse this article as it will show you the first two steps on how to make social media marketing work for your small business.

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Find Your Next Job with Top Five Social Media Networks

Finding a new job by scouting an open position is hard. I know right? However, if you create your own strategy online, it will be much easier for you. 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be useful in searching for your next dream job and very practical for in discovering business opportunities. Exploring through your social media accounts, hashtags and personal pages can help launch your next possible career. 

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What's Your Social Media Resolutions?

Every new year we all have a what we called new year's resolution. We may be planning to lose weight and eat more healthy food, we even tried to change our lifestyle for the year ahead.

As we all know more people are hook into social networking sites. We even check it when we wake up and after almost a day of logging from it until we sleep.

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YouTube Mobile App Will Let You Save Videos For Viewing Offline

One of our dilemmas as Internet user is when our connection got lost and one of our favorite things to do online is to watch videos that will keep us being entertained.  It's so hassle especially when we are on the middle of our watching, and the Internet connection becomes unavailable. 


Shared Photo Albums In Facebook

Facebook is now allowing up to 50 users to contribute in one album. This is another great feature that Facebook has recently offered. Every user can add up to 200 photos that can contain as many as 10,000 images in one album. Before users only have 1000 photos that they can add to their own album. 

Bob Baldwin, Facebook Software Engineer says,  “Right now, if you were at a party and there were three different albums created, you might not be able to see all the photos [based on privacy settings], which is kind of confusing and frustrating.”

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Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Most of the people are hooked in Social Media today, and we know that if you wanna find someone like your old friends and classmates. The very first thing that you will consults are those social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. While others are into social media to earn money. 

But did you know how you can boost your social media presence? I will tell you few hands-on tips to boost your engagement in Social Media. 


Ways To Improved Google+ Presence

Google+ is not just a simple social networking site. Its home to vibrant, and an active community with deep engagement. Learning and finding out how to take advantage of these communities to have a long-lasting relationship 
with your audiences.


The Social Media Role In The World Wide Web

Social media is the category of internet mediums where people stay connected, conversing and networking. It joins social interaction and technology. These are usually mobile based and internet based. Myspace, Twitter and Facebook are good examples of social media on the internet.

Everyone benefits from social media on the internet for the reason that it gives us a medium to communicate and stay in touch with each other. 


You Can Now Use Hashtags In Facebook

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest are all using hashtags to emphasize a particular topic. On the other hand Facebook is now allowing users to add context to a post.


Is Your Social Networking Site Is Safe?

In today's generation in digital age people are into social networking. Social interaction is really a phenomenal, it involves different people in all ages. For we all wanted to expand our networks with our 
online friend enriching their lives by means of contacts that they made on social networking sites.


5 Ways Marketers Can Use Instagram

Now a days more marketers who are into social media is frequently use images in the marketing campaigns. Instagram is one of the most popular social media tool today in promoting their products, brands and services.

I show you a few ways on how you can use Instagram to improve your marketing. Maybe you will ask why Instagram? 


Learn More About Twitter

From 2006 up to this date, Twitter evolves from SMS-based status updates and become one of the most popular social media networks. It has more than 200 million active users. 

The question is, Have you use Twitter to the fullest and get most out of your Twitter experience through the years? Below are some tips and tricks that you can use to level up your Twitter usage.


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