Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding a new job by scouting an open position is hard. I know right? However, if you create your own strategy online, it will be much easier for you. 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be useful in searching for your next dream job and very practical for in discovering business opportunities. Exploring through your social media accounts, hashtags and personal pages can help launch your next possible career. 

Below are the five social media network that can help you land in your next career though social media.

1. Linkedin

This is the most obvious site for job hunting. This is the network for professionals. Unlike Facebook, it's less eerie to connect with other people because everyone there is looking for network opportunities.  Connecting to people who have the same interest like yours and select those who might be one degree away from you. 

Use the Jobs Board, it highlights available opportunities in every field.

Using endorsement and recommendations from your peers will help your page's likability will instantly boost. 

Sharing more contents to prove your knowledge in your networks can add 10 times of chances for getting contacted by a recruiter.

Tough profile is 12 times more likely to be viewed if you have a detailed list of work experience, so list everything in there because the more experienced you are the more hirable you may look. 

2. Facebook

First if you want to stay up to date with a company's career opportunity, start to "LIKE" them on Facebook. That way, you can get their latest updates from time to time with their activity.

Learn to use the privacy setting and making sure that you know how others view your timeline.  You can set your work and education information to be public so that others can see your professional backgrounds.

Update all your personal information like work and education. While you can add your trained skills in About section and optimize your professional appeal. 

3. Twitter

Use the search bar and input the word that is related to the job you want. You can be more specific using desired field and locations; example, "SEO" and "Makati City."

You can also use #hashtags by typing #jobs or #hiring that can give you results with those who are seeking for employees. Most of the employers who cast a job application will often tweets accompanying a hashtags. 

Tweeting open is a great way to network with like-minded people in your profession. You can follow businesses and people that you are interested. Don't afraid to tweet them occasionally but make sure that your account is competent and professional. 

4. Pinterest

You can use this site to pin your resume. Use the one sheet standard format and pin it in Pinterest board. Highlight certain facet of your experience, add photos as well as links. 

5. Tumblr

Like Twitter, you can also use the search bar by typing the tag words like "jobs" or "hiring." 

Creativity is an advantage, and this is important. Create your own original write-ups to accustom your interest, its can add a unique appeal to employers, especially if you are a good Tumblr following. 

If you like to add something with this post you can comment it below, your thoughts are most welcome.

If you like to add something with this post, you can comment it below, your thoughts are most welcome.

Good luck to your job hunting! 


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